When the tractors are dressed to the nines

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June 15 St. Vito is celebrated, the patron saint of several Italian municipalities including Gergei, in the province of Cagliari.

Here the festivities have the flavor of the agricultural tradition, so much so that the religious procession carrying the statue of the saint among the cobbled streets of the center does not open with the sacred effigy, but with a parade of tractors dressed to the nines.

And do not think that they the trappings are of velvet or damask or whatever: Here agriculture machines are dressed to the nines with ears, a clear reference to the agricultural vocation of this territory.

Wisely stuck in the tires, tied in small bouquets between the headlights or license plates [old ones, even with the initials of the first provinces: CA, NU, OR – Cagliari, Nuoro, Oristano], gathered in large bundles of sorghum between the mechanical parts transform these four-wheels monsters into funny pachyderms who speak – and smell – of the deep countryside.

Ancestral rites to which men of Olianas participate every year, showing their deep local roots, enhancing local culture and traditions.

Like real Biointegral farmers.