The earthworm & the vitality index

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Being BioIntegral is not a figure of speech. It is not a fashion trend or a marketing plan. Being BioIntegrated is an agronomic method that starts from the environment protection so as to produce competitively for quality, numbers, market.

Being BioIntegral is to conceive your own company as guardian of the territory, keeping and recreating the balance of ecosystems. Who is Biointegrated has a moral obligation not only to keep intact its cultivation environment but to enhance it, passing on to their children an ecosystem better than the one received at the beginning of their path. Leaving a more dynamic and increasingly energetic company. (add it as a concept) agronomically richer but also more dynamic respecting clearly respecting.

Every action of the man – the farmer – has a direct impact on the cultivation environment, on soils, on air, on water. The vitality index of ecosystems will be the program system the Biointegrated farmer will support: an index result of the periodic monitoring of the vitality of flora and fauna, the level of fertility and the level of organic matter of soils.

Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Florence is working on the index of Biointegral vitality: object of analysis, frequency of testing, objective parameters to which the Biointegrated farmer can refer objectively, scientifically.

And if you want to start this new adventure, a hint: think of earthworms that live in your land as the first indication of the vitality of the soil. Quantity, size, type: in five years we’ll talk again. Meanwhile, be respectful of your cultivation environment. And of the earthworms that inhabit it, too.