Responsibly social. Socially responsible

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The BioIntegral approach starts from the protection of the environment of the beautiful and clean so as to produce in a responsible way for quality, numbers, market thanks to an approach sensitive to social issues.

“Social” and “responsible” are words that, despite sometimes being overused, communicate important meanings, with positive nuances: community, tolerance, support, reliability, awareness, consciousness, wisdom – just to name a few.

Here, these are the concepts from which arises the pattern of Biointegrated behavior.

The Biointegral farmer will have consciousness to promote health and safety in the company and in all workplaces, periodically checking any areas of risk. Using skilled professionals will make their own control plan reliable and safe. It will be responsible, as previously stated.

The Biointegral farmer will have the vision to ensure continuous production cycles, avoiding monocultures and relative dishomogeneity. The adoption of complementary sustainable agricultural practices will make consistent and constant the use of labor throughout the year, with a clear benefit for the community.

The BioIntegral farmer will support socially and environmentally responsible production, processing and distribution chains. In what way? Through the choice of productive and technical human resources related to the territory, which we like to call zero kilometer. The community in which he lives, in fact, is for the Biointegrated farmer a resource from which to draw and with which to grow.

Social responsibility will be, for the BioIntegrated farmer, also favoring environmentally friendly materials to pack products: labels with recycled paper, ecological packaging, biodegradable inks, bottles with lighter glass …

Being BioIntegral is leaving to those who will come after us a world where respect for life, for the environment, for the vital resources of the planet is no longer an abstract concept but a series of behaviors, a concrete method of production.