BioIntegrale vines, 100% certified. Even better, 155%!

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Olianas, the Sardinian estate which we talked about here, continues leading its transformation journey in order to transfor BioIntegrale philosophy in a real working method. In cooncrete terms. Day after day.

Since the introduction of the working horses instead of heavy tractors, sheep and geese for the defoliation of the vines, it has now came the time to certify the BioIntegrale identity. First step: rating the vitality degree of the estate’s vineyard.

Nine plots of land, divided by grape variety, were then certified using the Biodiversity Friends index of biodiversity. Biodiversity actually means rating the vitality of the whole estate growing environment.

The result is graphically and numerically mapped (see picture below), with a certified rate ranging that goes from a maximum of 155 points to a minimum of 100 points. A respectable starting situation: even on its lowest values (the minimum rate to get the certification is 60 points.
Here below the details of the certification (from the lowes rate to the higer)

• Cannonau Sedda Sa Figu (C): 155 points;
• Bovale Anfiteatro (E): 135 points;
• Cannonau Anfiteatro (F): 135 points;
• Tintillu Anfiteatro (G): 135 points;
• Vermentino Porruddu (D): 120 points;
• Cannonau Murvonis Low (H): 110 points;
• Carignano Ruina Figu (A): 100 points;
• Cannonau Ruina Figu (B): 100 points;
• Vermentino Murvonis high (I): 100 points.

Here, in detail, the map with distribution of plots of land: in middle of the Mediterranean scrub (mostly myrtle and mastic), wild olive groves and fig trees, oleanders and eucalyptus trees, you can find the ideal setting for many insects and birds species that in the estate live and reproduce. BioIntegrale, no doubt about it.