Being Biointegral

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Being BioIntegral today is the prerequisite for living well tomorrow. Being BioIntegrated is taking now decisive action to protect nature in the future. It is meeting the needs of today without compromising the generations of tomorrow.

Being BioIntegral stands for regeneration, is using space and appropriate tools, is a guarantee of continuity of the resources we depend on, such as the protection of air and clean water.

Being BioIntegral is to create a harmonious environment to live, work, produce in. It is building the beautiful through a refined and aesthetically satisfying environment. Being BioIntegrated is knowing that harmony in a broad sense brings welfare in a broad sense: if you protect nature you not only defend the environment in which you work but you respect the people who work with you.

Being BioIntegral is recovering agricultural practices linked to tradition and to our past that limit interventions on the plant, the preserve over time, which enables a deeper rooting in the soil.

Being a Biointegral farmer is having a moral obligation to maintain and value their cultivation environment passing on to their children an ecosystem better than the one received.

Being BioIntegral is for life.